7 tips to boost your creativity

7 tips to boost your creativity

Creative thinking is a big part of my life, my job and my passion. It’s like a love-hate relationship, because it comes and goes and we have to practice a lot to free our thoughts from the negative, in order to start a creative process. Creativity is, no matter to which extent, the key to a fulfilled and happy life. By this I don’t mean success and money, I mean the incredible feeling of freedom. Creativity knows no boundaries and allows us to let all our thoughts, ideas and dreams come out and be real.

Maybe you know the situation, when suddenly the creativity leaves without a word. Often this happens in moments when you really need it. The most common reason for this scenario is stress and too much pressure. Stress, pressure and creative thinking is a combination that is never going to happen. To be creative, we have to be relaxed and our mind has to be free in order to let those creative thoughts in.

Today I have 7 tips for you how to boost your creativity and even extend it. Most of the things are easy to include in your daily life.

1. Get Social

When we spend time with people who we love and whom we trust, we have much deeper conversations and thoughts. We dare to let creative thoughts out and can talk freely about our ideas, dreams and passions. It’s also great to surround yourself with like-minded people. As I already told you in my self-employment-article, a direct feedback is extremely valuable to our ideas. It’s amazing to get a view from different perspectives and it can open new, amazing opportunities for you. Share your dreams with like-minded people and be creative together!

2. Write down your thoughts & ideas

For about two years now, I have a notebook for my thoughts and ideas. Often, I spontaneously have an idea for a great concept or for a new article or photos. To avoid forgetting this thought in the next minute, I always write it down. During the writing process, I often have more ideas and that’s the point where creativity starts rolling. A simple thought becomes an idea and an idea becomes a project- a project becomes a plan. I love this process and that’s why I always make sure to write down all things by hand. That leaves so much more room for creativity than typing it in a word document.

3. Take more time for yourself

You probably know this feeling, when everything is so overwhelming and you don’t even know where to start first. Often we put too much pressure on ourselves, which causes a creative block and unhappiness. Creative thinking and stress don’t fit together. To stimulate our creativity, we should schedule a few hours now and then, in which we take time for ourselves to free our mind from stress, anxiety, pressure and negativity in general. After taking a little break from all this, we can see so much clearer and can tackle things more focused and powerful. Our mind has to be relaxed and loose from time to time, so we can build more room for creative thoughts, ideas and new projects.

4. Try something new

On the one hand, I’m super spontaneous and love to travel and meet new people. On the other hand, I love routines and like to have a solid plan. Depending on what it is exactly, it often costs me much effort to try out new things. But now, when I think back of some situations, where I first thought, it can’t be much worse- they turned out to be amazing experiences that I don’t ever want to miss in my life. What I’m trying to say is, that sometimes the worst situation turns out to be a life-changing and wonderful experience. Try something new from time to time. You will feel how you grow from different situations and how it boosts your creativity.

5. Move!

I love running. Not only for the great feeling afterwards and staying in shape. There is no situation where I am so focused and creative like when I’m out for a run. Many post ideas you can find on my blog came to my mind when I was on the run or in the gym. I read a lot about it and found out, that being active frees our mind, makes us loose and gives us space for more positive and creative thoughts. It’s amazing. Try it yourself! You can find my top 5 motivation tips here.

6. Create a creative atmosphere

Some people can only  be creative when chaos is around them. I’m the complete opposite of that. I live by the motto: tidy home, tidy mind. In both ways, you have to create a creative atmosphere around you. For me, this is a bright, friendly working space, where is enough space for me, a tidy apartment, healthy snacks and cold water. What does it mean for you? Find out in what atmosphere you are most creative.

7. Travel to new places

Traveling to new places means new experiences, new cultures, new people, new stories and new opportunities. Traveling can increase our creativity extremely. Many writers (eg. Ernest Hemingway) and poets have written their greatest works while traveling. To be physically and mentally in a new environment can revitalize our minds and emotions.


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    Tales Of Jules
    20. June 2016 at 20:02

    Ich habe vor kurzem einen Post zum gleichen Thema auf meinem Blog veröffentlicht!
    Interessant ist, dass meine Tips sich ziemlich von deinen unterscheiden.
    Wenn ihr das nächste Mal in einem kreativen Loch bin, probiere ich deine Tips auch mal aus.

    xx Julia


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      20. June 2016 at 21:29

      Das ist ja echt interessant 🙂 Ich habe mir deinen Artikel gerade durchgelesen und ihn mir gleich mal abgespeichert. Echt schön dieses Thema von zwei verschiedenen Perspektiven zu betrachten!

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    Westend Birds
    21. June 2016 at 8:09

    Toller Post!
    Mir geht es sehr ähnlich, vor allem beim Joggen kommen mir immer wieder neue Idden und Denkanstöße, die ich gerne für meinen Blog umsetzen würde. Nur ist das Notizbuch in diesem Moment leider nicht zur Hand 🙂
    Liebe Grüße,

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    21. June 2016 at 19:45

    Hallo liebe Valerie,

    ich finde deine Beitrag wirklich sehr hilfreich. Wenn ich das nächste mal wieder in einem kleinen Kreativitäts-Tief bin, dann werde ich ganz bestimmt an deinen Post hier zurückdenken! 🙂

    Ganz liebe Grüße
    emma von http://www.little-emmas.blogspot.de