6 Tips for Spring Cleaning your Closet

Spring Cleaning Closet Tips 1

Spring cleaning our wardrobes is that one thing, that we hide from, as long as it’s possible. Nevertheless, sooner or later it just has to get done and for me, it is actually a great feeling to get rid of all the things you don’t need anymore and make more space for organization. I think that is exactly the problem, that we keep too many things we don’t like and then find ourselves standing in front of a full closet and thinking „I have a full closet, but nothing to wear.“.

As a fashion blogger, I have to clean my closet more often during the year since I don’t want to show you the same looks over and over again. Therefore, I created a spring cleaning routine (..you know I love routines) that I want to share with you today. I know that it can be quite overwhelming and yes, emotional, too, so I listed my favorite tips for you as well as questions you should ask yourself, before giving away some pieces of yours.

Spring is the perfect time to declutter your whole apartment. So let’s get started with your closet. Believe me, you will feel sooo much better after this!

1. Create a Playlist

Let’s start with the essential things first: the background music. On Spotify there are even playlist for tidying up. So cool! Maybe I will create an exclusive playlist for you guys, too. Would that be something you are interested in?

2. Make a grand heap

Now, that we turned on the right music, it’s time to get shit done. The first step is definitely the worst. Grab all your clothes (by all I mean a.l.l.) and put it on a huge heap. I know that in this moment your mind says „Why did I even start this?“- but believe me, it’s going to be okay!

3. Prioritize

So, now we’re sitting in front of our giant heap clothes and it’s about time to prioritize. Mark three spots on the floor (you can also use baskets or boxes) where you can put 3 extra heaps. The first one is for clothes you definitely won’t wear anymore, the other one is for those pieces you absolutely love and want to keep. Last but not least, there is the maybe-pile. A tough one! In the following point I will tell you which questions you have to ask yourself before throwing your maybe- clothes back in your closet.

4. Ask yourself the essential questions

Phase 2 is officially starting. Let’s spring clean our closet! Here are the essential questions that you should ask yourself before you divide the maybe-pile on the yes and no-pile.Does it fit me 100%?

Does it fit me 100%?
Does it fit my style?
Did I wear this piece once in the last 6 month?
Can I imagine to wear it in the near future?
If I go shopping, would I buy this again?
Do I feel confident in it?

If you have answered one of these questions with a No, you should put that piece on the no-heap and forget about it…. out of sight, out of mind!

5. Start to organize

Now that we have successfully sorted out our closet, it is now time to hang our clothes back. But before you do that, you should decide which organization system you want to choose for the future. I personally like to rearrange my clothes by category. I start with the jackets, leather jackets, blazers and work my way to pullovers, blouses, shirts, tops, dresses, jeans, pants and shorts. But there are many more ways to sort your clothes like by color. With the right playlist, this part is actually fun!

6. What to do with the left clothes?

Yay. We’re almost done. We already successfully spring-cleaned our closet and get it organized and tidied up. The only task that is left, is the No-heap. You can divide the heap in 3 different categories :

Pieces you want to give to your friends
Stuff you want to sell on a flea market or online

If you want to sell you pieces online, I can recommend to you Rebelle, Vestiaire Collective and Videdressing. If you want to donate some of your clothes, it’s best when you inform yourself via google. BTW: You can shop my clothes in my Simple et Chic Shop.

I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to spring-clean your closet. Do you have any other tips?

Love, Valerie

  1. Svenja says:

    Das sind wirklich gute Tipps, die auch noch genau zum richtigen Zeitpunkt kommen.. 🙂 Ich habe mir schon seit längerem vorgenommen, endlich meinen Kleiderschrank aufzuräumen & auszusortieren und jetzt, wo der Frühling beginnt, sollte ich es endlich mal tun!
    Liebe Grüße,
    Svenja von svenjasparkling.blogspot.de

  2. Storm says:

    So ein toller Post und die Bilder so schön!!!

    Ich wollte auch so einen Post machen. Du warst schneller 😛

    Komm schnell wieder Heim <3

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