5 reasons why I love Mondays and you should too

why you should love mondays

Don’t get me wrong. I love Mondays, but this was certainly not always the case. Until a few years ago, Mondays and I were enemies. But like many things in life, the famous Monday blues is just a matter of mind and has so much more to do with a positive attitude than with the day itself. If you’re feeling real pain when you think about the upcoming Monday, it has nothing to do with the actual day but with your life or your job. Mondays are like Mini-New-Years-Eve’s, that we get to celebrate every week. A new week means a fresh start, new opportunities, and new goals. Make the most of your Monday in order to have an amazing week! Tackle things and always remember to smile!

1. Monday’s mean a fresh start

Every Monday we get the chance to start over and begin a new week. No matter how bad your last week was, this new week has so many opportunities, you just have to take them. And who knows? Maybe it’s going to be the best week ever in your entire life? You never know. For me, Mondays are super motivating and exciting- anything can happen!

2. All productive things start on a Monday

How many times did you start certain things, such as e.g. a diet or a fitness program, a new habit on a Monday? Probably just as often as all other people in the world. We choose Mondays to implement important decisions, new projects or challenges. Monday is the starting day for so many things and not without a reason: according to a study, we work most productive on Mondays! (Find my top 10 tips to be more productive here)

3. No Expectations

Since Mondays are always labeled as stupid, our expectations are quite low. If something positive happens on a Monday, it’s even more surprising and delightful! Why don’t you surprise someone you like with a nice card, flowers or a home cooked meal? Make someone smile every Monday and I’m sure you will be happy, too!

4. If you hate Mondays, something is either wrong with your job or your life.

I love Mondays because I love my job and am happy with my life. If you hate Mondays it’s either your attitude that is negative or you are just unhappy with something in your life or your job. If so and if you have the chance or the choice: change it! Look for something that makes you happy long term. Sometimes already small changes have a tremendous impact!

5. A well deserved weekend feels so much better

How should we look forward to the weekend, if there weren’t Mondays? There is simply no better feeling than to look back of a productive and intense week and start a well deserved weekend full of joy.

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    Tina - Styleappetite
    27. June 2016 at 13:15

    Toller Artikel – besonder süß ist, dass du Montage mit “Mini New Years Eves” vergleichst – denn so hatte ich das noch gar nicht gesehen 🙂

    xxx Tina

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    27. June 2016 at 14:03

    Ein sehr sehr schöner Artikel, meine Liebe! Das mit dem Mini-Silvester ist ein sehr guter Punkt 🙂 Hat mir gut getan das zu lesen. <3