20 things to do in spring

20 things to do in spring

I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for spring! It is my absolute favorite season and I can’t wait to kiss winter goodbye for good. The first few sunny days were pretty amazing and I missed this easy spring-feeling so much. Now it’s time to finally time to go out the door, sit outside a cute café, go for a walk and see all those flowers that are about to bloom. Since you liked my bucket lists for autumn and winter so much, I decided to do another post about spring. I listed you 20 things, you can do in this wonderful season. I’m definitely trying to set a checkmark behind every point on the list in the next few weeks. Next week I’m starting with cleaning out my closet and buying flowers for myself and going to the flea market on Sunday. Another thing I want to do when it gets a little warmer is point 17! What about you? Are you looking forward to spring and what is on your bucket list?

1. Clean out your closet 

2. Sit outside a cute café

3. Go for a walk in nature

4. Spring clean your home

5. Ride your bike

6. Eat your first ice cream

7. Visit the farmers market 

8. Buy fresh tulips for your home

9. Plant new herbs for your kitchen

10. Have a picnic at the park

11. Cut back on processed food and eat whole foods instead

12. Walk under the cherry blossoms

13. Workout to get your body summer-ready

14. Make a city trip over the weekend

15. Ask your friends over for a girls night

16. Go to a fleamarket

17. Discover new places in your city

18. Decorate your home springish

19. Write postcards to your loved ones

20. Learn something new 


Love, Valerie

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  • Reply
    9. March 2016 at 8:27

    Ich freue mich so sehr, diese Dinge bald von meiner Liste streichen zu können. Da muss nur noch das Wetter bald mal mitspielen hier in Berlin und dann kann es losgehen 😉

    Liebe Grüße
    Lena | http://www.healthylena.de

  • Reply
    13. March 2016 at 8:35

    Ich bin auch so froh wenn nun endlich der Frühling kommt. Einige dinge deiner Liste werde ich definitiv machen.

    LG Caterina